Bike park opening

from 6 July to 1 September, with 2 pre-opening weekends (22/23 June and 29/30 June) and 2 post-closing weekends (7/8 September and 14/15 September).

The bike park opens from 6 July to 1 September, with 2 pre-opening weekends (22/23 June and 29/30 June) and 2 post-closing weekends (7/8 September and 14/15 September).
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Isola 2000 Bike Park

Located in the heart of a natural area, come and discover the Isola 2000 Bike Park which offers a huge potential for mountain biking.

Whether you are an enduro, VTTAE or bike park enthusiast, you will find downhill tracks adapted to all levels.

→ Discover the tracks (2 green, 4 blue, 4 red and 2 black) of the Bike Park

To access the Bike Park, there are two lifts with bike racks.

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Find the bike park tracks on the mobile application ISOLIFE, on Android or iPhone
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The Bike Park tracks

2 green trails

Green Snake : 1km – 100m 

Rising Sun : 2.8 km – 370 m

 4 blue trails

Crazy Frog : 1,7 km – 186 m 

Big Loop : 5 km – 350m

Roubines Wood : 1,5 km – 100m

Northshore : 1 km – 100m

4 red trails

Jungle Speed : 2,5 km – 250 m

Red Rivers : 1,3 km – 225m

Mercantour Express : 0,8 km – 330m

Sierra Grande : 1,2 km – 370 m

 2 blacks trails

Black Line : 1 km – 100 m

Supreme DH : 1,7 km – 329m

To facilitate access to the 2 sectors of the Isola 2000 Bike Park, the Green Snake fun trail links the centre of the resort (snow front, shops) to the departure of the Mercantour gondola and the Combe Grosse chair lift.


Pelevos area

The Pelevos area of the Bike Park stretches through the woods just above the resort and is accessible via the Mercantour gondola. Once at the top, there are several blue, three red and two black competition trails to choose from, including the Supreme DH which hosts the Provence DH Cups.

Among the blue runs, don’t miss the Crazy Frog, a flowing track with nice switchbacks, jumps, tables and bridges, ideal for fun riding. The blue runs of Roubines Wood and Big Loop offer a different kind of ride, with a bit of pedalling on a 4×4 road that passes under the Roubines pass. They are ultra-easy and rolling, perfect for getting confident in the beautiful larch woods, with woops, small northshores, etc.

All the trails in the Isola 2000 Bike Park converge on the blue North Shore trail, which offers several lines of bridges of varying difficulty, with gaps of varying sizes, to satisfy your creativity!

Jungle Speed is a red track which combines jumps and slightly more technical passages with some roots or rocks. Fast and interesting in terms of riding, don’t miss this track if you are in the area. To vary the top of the course, a more challenging black variant, Black Line, is also available.

The red Red River track is very different, favouring jumps over technical sections. All kinds of jumps await you on this track, it’s fun and playful, but beware, some modules are still quite difficult, so don’t hesitate to do a sighting tour beforehand.

In the same style, the Mercantour Express run invites you to a little trip to the land of tables and footbridges!


Lombarde area

The Lombarde area is above the Les Hameaux district and is served by the Combe Grosse chairlift.
There is the green slope Rising Sun and the red slope Sierra Grande.

Come and enjoy our Bike Park, accessible to all and for all levels of practice!