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The tourist information of Isola 2000 will advise you to choose beautiful hike in Isola 2000.

The travel advisor will give you their professional contact and all the documentation to prepare your hike.

Hike independently

To start getting used to the rocky terrain and altitude, we advise you to start with one of these two hike because it is easy, on a flat surface and short.

« Grand tour »

It is a beautiful family ride.
You will have the opportunity to discover the moutain resort ‘s panoramic views, flowers and occasionally animals. Feel free to stop for lunch in this wonderful place.
For this walk you need to get a ticket (see rates) in the chekout ski lift. Once on the top, you just have to get down with an easy path.


Starting point: Telecabine du Mercantour

Price: The price of the lift

Date: Everyday independently

Time: Beetween 3 and 5 hours

Age: 8 years old minimun

« Le chemin des Italiens »

Nice walk in the woods where the larch trees offer a pleasant freshness thanks to their shade. This road follows an ancient Italian military road.

At the end of your hike, you will have the opportunity to visit a bunker.


Starting point: Chamois Chapland Bridge

Duration: 2 h 00

It is possible to make this trip in 4×4 stroller.

Once accustomed to the specificities of our destination, we offer these three wonderful hikes at the gates of the Mercantour National Park.

« Tête Mercière »

The Mercière head dominates the high valleys of Chastillon and Molières. On its southern face, you have the Mercantour National Park and its protected territories. You will certainly see ibex around the bunkers of the Mercière Pass.

Please note that this route is partly in the Mercantour Park, so you must respect the regulations.


Starting point: Chamois Chapland Bridge

Duration: 4 hours

Altitude difference: 500 meters D+

« Lacs de Terre Rouge – Baisse de Druos »

Easily accessible, the peaceful Cirque des Lacs de Terre Rouge allows you to discover a wild area close to the resort.

During the ascent you will pass near the five « Lacs de Terre Rouge » and if you continue you will have a nice view on the italien lakes of Valscura.

In the morning, or at the end of the day, you may have the chance to see our beautiful alpine fauna: chamois, mouflons, ibex.


Starting point: Chalet Marano

Duration: 4 hours to return

Altitude difference: 600 meters D+

The crests of Lausetta (Lauzetta in Italian)

This panoramic route is on the Franco-Italian ridge line.

You will take a path sometimes on the Italian side, sometimes on the French side. Then below, you will see the Orgials alpine pastures or the cattle herds of Vinadio spend their summers.

This course is ideal for families as it is easy, rather flat and offers great views.


Starting point: Lombard Pass

Duration: 2h30 round trip

Altitude difference: 100 meters D+

Guided hike with a mountain professionnal

Richard Petit Jean, mountain guide since 1999

A hike with Richard is a opportunity to explore wildlife and the mountain environment. Richard proposes various hikes with observations of fauna, flora and explanations about the historical and military heritage of Isola 2000.

The program is suitable for everyone, sporty people, but also for families with children (4 years old minimun )


Réservation : ✆ +33(0)6 12 77 93 98

Guides Tinée Mercantour, group of mountain guide

Passionate about the mountain, the Guides Tinée Mercantour will make you discover incredible nature.

They propose different activities to do as a family, solo or with friends.

Example of hike

  • Zen and wellness hike: A morning or a day to reconnect with yourself and with nature, to awaken your senses and to recharge your batteries thanks to the magic of the place and the energy of the living.
  • The mountain plants edible: This discovery walk allowing to become more familiar with the old and current uses of the many mountain plants usable for feeding and healing. You will learn to recognize many species.


Réservation : ✆ +33(0)7 82 02 46 71