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Handiski Isola 2000


Isola 2000 takes pride in its accessibility for all, with adapted wheelchairs and trained instructors.

Thanks to the contribution of Department Council, Isola 2000 can provide two “Tandem Ski” wheelchairs.

The wheelchairs are available for those with reduced mobility or those unable to ski alone. Users can only be accompanied by authorized guides.

Now everyone at Isola 2000 can have the chance to ski with their family, feel the sensations of gliding and all the emotions that skiing can provide. The tandem ski can be used on the detachable chairlifts with the help of the attendant and users will enjoy the beautiful slopes of the resort.

The ESF (French Ski School – www.esf-isola2000.com) and the ESI (International Ski School – http://www.esi-isola2000.com/fr/) of Isola 2000 offer a wide range of lessons, lead by their team of specialized instructors.

Booking directly at ski schools or at:

➜ www.handiski06.com


Handicapped cardholders and their tandem ski operators receive a 50% discount on the public ski pass rate.