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Avalanche dog

Discover the “Avalanche Dog” Event at Isola 2000

The “Avalanche Dog” activity offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating and vital world of jobs specific to mountain tourist areas. Designed within an educational framework, this experience aims to raise participants’ awareness of safety, encouraging them to respect the rules that apply in these demanding environments.

Educational objectives

1. Discovering a unique profession: At the heart of this activity, participants will have the opportunity to discover the exceptional profession of avalanche dog handler, essential to mountain safety.

2. Risk awareness: We want to make participants aware of the specific risks associated with winter mountain sports, while encouraging them to understand and respect the safety rules specific to each environment.

3. Responsibility and Safety Procedures: The activity will also focus on identifying the responsible person to alert in the event of a problem and understanding the crucial procedures in the event of an emergency.

Course of the event

An experienced avalanche dog handler will introduce participants to his avalanche search dog, explaining in detail the essential work they do. Participants will also learn how to interact and behave appropriately with these extraordinary dogs.

Afterwards, the avalanche dog handler will take the group in search of a suitable location to put into practice what they have learned. He will orchestrate a realistic scenario in which the participants will play an active role. Everyone will be assigned a responsibility, whether it’s raising the alarm in the event of an avalanche, alerting the rescue services or other essential tasks. An adult will play the role of the victim to make the situation even more realistic.

Finally, the avalanche dog handler and his faithful companion will demonstrate their incredible skills by working together to resolve the simulated situation. This interactive experience will enable participants to fully understand the crucial importance of these teams in mountain safety.

The “Avalanche Dog” activity at Isola 2000 offers an educational immersion into the world of snow-covered mountains and the professions dedicated to protecting all those who travel them. Come and discover, learn and raise your awareness of mountain safety while having fun.


Tarif : Gratuit

Max : 10 people

Date : Tous les lundis
pendant les vacances scolaires
Durée : 1 heure
Heure : 10h00
Rendez-vous : En haut de Pelevos
Ce qu’il faut avoir : un forfait (ski ou piéton)

Les enfants restent sous
la responsabilité des parents.